#DepartmentFaculty NameDesignationDate of Joining
ECEMrs. Jyostnamayee Behera Assistant Professor10-01-2011
ECEMr. Kailash Chandra Rout Assistant Professor21-12-2009
ECEMr. Manas Ranjan Sethi Assistant Professor25-11-2013
ECEMrs. Monalisa Samal Assistant Professor (Asst HOD)23-07-2010
ECEMr. Pravanjana Behera Assistant Professor11-03-2013
ECEDr. Pravat Kumar Subudhi Dean Academics06-03-2012
ECEDr. Ravi Narayan Panda Professor (HOD)11-01-2019
ECEMr. Robin Abraham Assistant Professor01-08-2018
ECEMr. Saradiya Kishor Parija Assistant Professor04-01-2010
ECEMr. Saumendra Behera Assistant Professor (HOD)24-01-2012
ECEMs. Shuchismita Barik Lab Assistant09-05-2018
ECEMr. Subrat Kumar Panda Assistant Professor20-09-2018
ECEMr. Sukant Behera Assistant Professor01-04-2011
ECEMr. Swapnendu Sahoo Laboratory Assistant10-01-2019
MEMr. Alok Kumar Mohapatra Adjunct Professor06-07-2019
MEMr. Amar Kumar Das Assistant Professor03-07-2014
MEMr. Aravind Tripathy Assistant Professor04-06-2013
MEMr. Ayusman Nayak Assistant Professor17-06-2014
MEMr. Biswa Bihari Rath Assistant Professor01-06-2015
MEMr. Chittaranjan Kumar Assistant Professor04-07-2016
MEDr. Dr. Alok Kumar Mohapatra Professor (HOD)29-06-2019
MEMr. Jyotiranjan Barik Assistant Professor01-08-2018
MEMr. Kedar Nath Hota Assistant Professor21-08-2012
MEMr. Kshitish Kumar Dash Assistant Professor (HOD)02-02-2011
MEMr. Madan Mohan Sahu Assistant Professor26-11-2011
MEDr. Nabnit Panigrahi Dean Research06-07-2015
MEMr. Radha Krushna Sahu Assistant Professor10-08-2012
MEMrs. Rajeswari Chaini Assistant Professor29-06-2015
MEMr. Rama Chandra Parida Lecturer19-09-2011
MEMr. Samir Kumar Panda Assistant Professor13-01-2017
MEMrs. Swagatika Acharya Assistant Professor09-10-2012
ME Swetapadma Mishra Assistant Professor29-08-2017
MEMr. Tatwa Prakash Pattsani Assistant Professor02-01-2015
CEMr. Abhijit Mangaraj Assistant Professor25-06-2015
CEMrs. Ananya Punyotoya Parida Assistant Professor24-12-2015
CEMr. Ankit Jena Assistant Professor25-06-2018
CEMr. BKR Pattnaik Professor (HOD)05-10-2018
CEMr. Chitrabhanu Sahoo Assistant Professor10-01-2019
CEMrs. Dibyalisha Rath Lecturer29-02-2016
CEDr. Dr Jay Krishna Dash Professor (HOD)02-07-2018
CEDr. Haripriya Mishra Assistant Professor12-01-2018
CEMs. Honey Mishra Assistant Professor09-01-2018
CEMr. Reddy Raju Babu Engineer : Civil26-05-2018
CEMr. Sidheswar Tripathy Lecturer17-06-2019
CEMs. Simantinee Samal Lecturer22-06-2015
CEMr. Surajit Pattnaik Assistant Professor (HOD)16-12-2014
MBAMr. Bimal Kumar Nrusingha Satapathy Assistant Professor08-09-2017
MBAMr. D Venugopal Assistant Professor07-08-2018
MBAMr. Dipak Kumar Mishra Assistant Professor08-08-2018
MBADr. Mousumi Panda Associate Professor06-02-2018
MBAMr. Nihar Ranjan Swain Assistant Professor28-06-2019
MBAMs. Nisha Kushwaha Assistant Professor20-06-2019
MBAMrs. Sasmita Hota Assistant Professor10-07-2015
MBAMrs. Sipra Karmakar Assistant Professor27-08-2018
MBAMr. Subasis Mishra Assistant Professor19-08-2019
MBAMrs. Vikashita Mohanty Assistant Professor16-07-2015
B.S.HMr. Ashok Kumar Panigrahi Assistant Professor26-06-2009
B.S.HDr. Bappaditya Mandal Assistant Professor26-09-2016
B.S.HDr. Bidyut Prava Nayak Assistant Professor01-06-2017
B.S.HMr. Bikram Keshari Rout Assistant Professor (Asst HOD)15-07-2011
B.S.HMs. Bratatee Mohapatra Assistant Professor13-08-2019
B.S.HDr. Dr Kharabela Swain Assistant Professor22-08-2019
B.S.HMr. Guest faculty-LEP Guest faculty-LEP (not set)
B.S.HDr. Himansu Bhusana Panigrahy Assistant Professor22-05-2017
B.S.HMr. Jyotiranjan Mohanty Assistant Professor17-08-2010
B.S.HMrs. Manisha Devi Assistant Professor12-08-2011
B.S.HMr. Manoranjan Mishra Assistant Professor13-09-2008
B.S.HMrs. Minati Pradhan Assistant Professor25-10-2013
B.S.HMrs. Mousumi Das Pattanaik Assistant Professor13-08-2019
B.S.HMr. Parshuram Sahoo Assistant Professor02-07-2009
B.S.HMr. Pradeep Swain Assistant Professor01-08-2018
B.S.HMr. Pradipta Kumar Pandia Lab Assistant26-06-2008
B.S.HMrs. Pranati Mishra Assistant Professor01-08-2012
B.S.HDr. Prasanna Kumar Rout Assistant Professor16-08-2011
B.S.HMr. Radha Raman Padhi Assistant Professor22-04-2011
B.S.HMr. Sakya Singh Satapathy Assistant Professor19-08-2019
B.S.HMs. Snigdha Tripathy Assistant Professor12-08-2017
B.S.HMrs. Suchitra Pattnaik Assistant Professor14-07-2008
B.S.H Sweekruti Panda Assistant Professor13-08-2019
B.S.HMr. Tapan Kumar Panda Assistant Dean Academics06-08-2007
T&PMr. Lala Niladri Bihari Ray Dean Corporate Affairs17-08-2015
T&PMr. Susant J Das Lead Corporate Affairs17-08-2015
Para TeachMr. Kamalakanta Sahoo Workshop Instructor18-07-2016
Para TeachMr. Manoj Kumar Behera Lab Assistant07-09-2013
Para TeachMr. Niranjan Pattnaik Laboratory Assistant01-07-2015
Para TeachMr. Sudarshan Behera Laboratory Assistant02-07-2015
CSEMr. Amitav Saran Assistant Professor10-08-2019
CSEMr. Amrutanshu Panigrahi Assistant Professor06-08-2018
CSEMrs. Archana Panda Assistant Professor13-01-2014
CSEMr. Bhupesh Deka Associate Professor15-01-2019
CSEMr. Bibhu Prasad Sahu Assistant Professor25-07-2013
CSEMr. Biswadarsi Biswal Lecturer03-11-2008
CSEMs. Devee Darshani Panda Teaching Assistant16-08-2018
CSEMr. Jagannath Ray Assistant Professor14-07-2014
CSE Jyotsnarani Tripathy Assistant Professor05-08-2019
CSEMr. Kamalakanta Shaw Assistant Professor01-08-2018
CSEMr. Manmath Nath Das Assistant Professor12-10-2007
CSEMr. Mukesh Kumar Senior Technical Trainer05-01-2018
CSEMrs. Nibedita Sahoo Assistant Professor08-08-2019
CSEMr. Pratyush Ranjan Mohapatra Associate Professor27-06-2009
CSEMr. Priyabrata Nayak Assistant Professor07-03-2011
CSEMr. Rajesh Kumar Ojha Assistant Professor11-06-2014
CSEDr. S Krishna Mohan Rao Principal16-11-2015
CSEDr. Saroj Kumar Rout Assistant Professor02-01-2017
CSE Sasmita Pani Assistant Professor29-08-2017
CSEMs. Sasmita Tripathy Assistant Professor02-08-2018
CSEMr. Satya Sobhan Panigrahi Assistant Professor05-08-2019
CSEMr. Sitanath Biswas Assistant Professor01-08-2016
CSEMr. Smruti Ranjan Swain Assistant Professor17-07-2008
CSEDr. Sujit Kumar Panda Assistant Professor (Asst HOD)16-08-2012
EEE/EEProf. Debasis Nanda Assistant Professor08-03-2011
EEE/EEMr. Ganesh Prasad Khuntia Assistant Professor (HOD)14-12-2015
EEE/EEMr. Gopinath Sengupta Assistant Professor10-09-2015
EEE/EEMr. Manoranjan Rana Lab Assistant21-12-2017
EEE/EEMrs. Rashmita Rani Panda Assistant Professor19-03-2018
EEE/EEMs. Rojalin Rout Teaching Assistant20-08-2018
EEE/EEDr. Satyajit Mohanty Assistant Professor02-05-2017
EEE/EEMr. Sibananda Mishra Assistant Professor (HOD)16-06-2014
EEE/EEMr. Srikanta Kumar Dash Assistant Professor30-11-2009
EEE/EEProf. Sudhansu Bhusan Pati Assistant Professor01-08-2011
EEE/EEMs. Sushree Shataroopa Mohapatra Assistant Professor16-01-2017
General AdMr. Asit Kumar Pahadasingh PET19-11-2015
General AdMr. Ranjan Kumar Pradhan Lab Assistant15-07-2019
General AdMs. Subhashree Bhuyan Technical Assistant30-04-2018
PMKVYMr. Sisir Kumar Panigrahi Solar Panel Technician05-02-2019
AGMr. Guest Faculty Agril (not set)
AGMr. New Faculty Agril Assistant Professor(not set)
AGMr. New Faculty-2 Agril Assistant Professor(not set)
AGDr. Satyananda Swain Professor (HOD)15-02-2019
DDU-GKYMs. Pranayani Behera Assistant SMO Trainer14-08-2019
DDU-GKYMr. Santosh Kumar Behera Hospitality Trainer01-07-2019
DDU-GKYMr. Smruti Prakash Singh Plumber Trainer03-07-2019

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Student Testimonials

  1. I am currently in 3rd year. It has been a great experience overall here in GIFT. We have a panel of great faculty members.
    -Deepsikha Mohanty, 3rd yr. ECE-
  2. I enjoy a lot while studying here in a huge campus with a large accommodation and numerous shops and eat-outs. The faculty members are highly knowledgeable and always available for help.
    -Pinaki Nayak, 1st yr. ECE-
  3. I would say it's a good place to study in. The faculty has wonderful friendly academic and non-academic staff and is always present to support us.
    -Subhasmita Malik, 1st yr. MCA-
  4. Being a part of GIFT has been a great experience which has helped me as well as many students.Faculty of my college is very friendly and easy to approach for assistance.
    -Rashmi Malik, 1st yr. MBA-
  5. It was a great time we spend in GIFT. Sharda has very wonderful faculty and they are very cooperative and campus environment is very positive. The relationship between faculties and students is very cordial, which gave me an opportunity to excel in my area of interest.
    -Soumya Swain, 2nd yr. MCA-

our Student Toppers

Chandan Kumar Pradhan
Placed in: ITC
Aman Arya
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Chaitali Ghose
Placed in : Infosys
Placed in: Citi Bank
Krutika Mishra
Placed in: Amazon
Nikita Banarjee
Placed in: Hinduja Global Solutions
Supriya Keshari
Placed in: Persistent Systems
Nabaghana Sashmal
Placed in: Cavison
Sarna Bose
Placed in: Amazon
Nihar Ranjan Rout
Placed in: Lecture Notes
Surbhi Sinha
Placed in: Amazon
Nisha Kumari
Placed in: Cavison
Swapna Sarit Pradhan
Canara Bank
Priyanka Chakravorty
Placed in: Amazon Solution
Bhaktidhara Dash
Placed in: Hinduja Global Solution
Abhinav Ashok
Placed in: Automatic Data Processing
Pragati Kumari
Placed in: CGI
Jagriti Priya
Place in: Elico Ltd.
Ashish Panda
Placed in: Infosys
Prabhudutta Majhi
Placed in: Canara Bank
Chandan Patro
Placed in: Indian Railways
Debi Prasad Das
Placed in: Income Tax Dept.
Rakesh Biswal
Placed in: Canara Bank
Saroj Parmanic
Placed in: Ever Electronics
Debasish Mohapatra
Placed in: TVS
Placed in: Indian Naval Academy (INA)
Rank 7
Janardan Jha
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Rank 9
Sourav Chakravorty
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Rank 15
Aman Kumar Jha
Placed in: Shriram Panels
Aurobindo Parida
Placed in: Shriram Panels
Ashutosh Pradhan
Placed in: Hinduja Global
Basudev Samantray
Placed in: Intel
Avinash Priyadarshee
Placed in: Infosys
Kamal Kumar Patel
Placed in: Infosys
Subash Ranjan Rout
Placed in: Canara Bank
Nidhi Kumari
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Rank 32
Tanuja Bharti
Placed in: Tech Mahindra
Rank 34
Akankshya Pattnaik
Placed in: Amazon
Amit Trivedi
Placed in: HP
Dipa Sinha
Placed in: Eclera
Gajendra Kumar
Placed in: SKP Projects

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